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Makeup Bag Staples: 5 Drugstore Products I Can’t Live Without

photo-17-11-2016-2-41-53-pmWhilst I spend a lot of time browsing the internet for makeup, it’s not very often that I make changes to my collection (if only I had the money to, eh). But every few months I’ll replace a couple of things, try new products and get rid of the ones that never quite lived up to my expectations.

During my last rejig, I got to thinking about the products that always seem to have a place in my makeup bag no matter what, particularly the ones that were repeat purchases.

I’m sharing five of these products with you today, to explain why exactly they’ve earned a permanent spot in my makeup bag and what makes them just so damn essential.

Makeup Revolution Face Precision Oval Brush (£9.99)


I’ve already raved about this brush in my October Favourites post, so check that out if you want to read a slightly longer review.

The brush is awesome; I use it for foundation, concealer and even BB cream. It leaves no brush strokes and it really helps speed up application – I can finish all of my ‘face’ makeup in about 3 minutes now! Zoom zoom.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in ‘Light’ (£7.99)


First of all, hats off to anyone who manages to wear foundation every day. I know I can’t do it.

My discovery of BB Cream a couple of years ago changed my makeup game completely; finally a product to even out my skin tone and give me a lil bit of coverage without the aggro of applying foundation every morning!

This BB Cream is called an ‘8-in-1’, functioning as a skin corrector as well as providing protection from the sun and a whole lotta other stuff.

I apply it with the Makeup Revolution Face Precision Oval Brush. Since it’s a tinted moisturiser it can be a little greasy, especially as the day goes on, so always set it with a powder!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in ‘Fair’ (£4.19)


Everyone raves about this concealer. I don’t exactly know why it’s so good, it just is.

It doesn’t look cakey, it’s really good for covering up spots (believe me, I’ve tried many concealers for this) and it’s a great price. I’m already on my third or fourth bottle.

The only down side is the actual bottle itself. Every single tube I’ve owned, as well as my sister’s and a couple of my friends’ have all exploded. It leaks like nobody’s business and covers the rest of the products in your makeup bag, which is less than ideal. Collection – get it together!

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in ‘Black #1’ (£3.99)


As you can probably tell by how much I’ve had to zoom this picture in, I’ve used a lot of this pencil. It’s the second one I’ve gone through this year!

To be honest, it’s not the brand that makes this product essential. I just need any soft, black eyeliner pencil like this which I can use for tightlining my top waterline.

Tightlining is a makeup technique I discovered a year or two ago, and it really does make such a difference. It covers up all of those unsightly gaps between your eyelashes, pulls your whole eye makeup look together and makes it look more polished and professional.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in ‘Coral Glow’ (£6.99)


As a person with super duper, verging-on-vampire pale skin, it was basically impossible to find a suitable colour to try all this ‘contour’ business that everyone had suddenly started going crazy over.

But I finally found this palette, and bought it when it had only just been released. It’s the first contour colour that doesn’t make me look like I’ve been rolling in dirt, and the blush isn’t half bad either.

Obviously, it’s only a powder contour set so don’t expect miracles; I just like using it to give my cheeks a bit of depth and colour. I don’t usually bother with the highlighter though since I own other highlighters that I like much more.


So there we are, five products that I can’t live without! What are your makeup bag staples?

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