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Birthday Presents Haul 2016

I had my 22nd birthday this week, and it was a really lovely and peaceful day. I got my first tattoo (!!) which I’m obsessed with, as well as several other thoughtful gifts that I’d like to share with you today!

photo-11-11-2016-2-58-45-pmJust a disclaimer: I’m not trying to brag about what I received! My family doesn’t have much money but we like to save up and buy each other nice presents sometimes. Everything I included in this post are simply things that I thought you would be interested in.

Also, I know birthdays aren’t just about the gifts, but they are a very nice bonus, aren’t they? 🙂

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume


I haven’t tried that many perfumes, but all I know is that Daisy Eau So Fresh will always be my ultimate favourite. I don’t even need to test any others; surely nothing can beat this one.

My mom knows how much I love it so she bought me my second bottle after I stormed through my first one in a few months last year. Thank you, mom!

Essie nail polishes

(L-R) Don’t Sweater It, Mink Muffs, Recessionista
More Essie polishes to add to my rapidly growing collection! I really wanted some more autumn colours, and I think these three really nail that. I love them all so much I have no idea which one to try first.

I was worried that Don’t Sweater It was far too similar to Chinchilly, which I already own, but after swatching them I can see a clear difference. Chinchilly is a very cool, light grey whereas Don’t Sweater It is much more brown-toned, deeper and warmer.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette


Guys, I am now a mother, and this is my new baby.

I’ve been going on about this palette for months, but my family stopped me from buying it ages ago so I wouldn’t end up ruining my birthday present! This palette is even more beautiful up close. The colours are all so warm and unique; I’m especially obsessed with Amaretto and Salted Caramel.

Please excuse that some of the colours are a little messy; Champagne Truffle and Crème Brulee must have been knocked about a bit in the delivery!

If you’d be interested in a separate post about this palette including swatches and a full review, let me know!

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray (30ml)

photo-11-11-2016-3-07-19-pmThis is a little present that I bought with some of my birthday money. I’ve been really interested in this spray for a while; anything that reduces redness and appearance of pores is a winner in my book!

I haven’t tried this prep spray yet. Can’t wait to see if it stands a fighting chance against my Godzilla sized pores.

Sound Boutique (White) Stereo Headphones


Another present I bought with my birthday money, because they were only £15 down from £25. Not bad for a pair of headphones!

In terms of the quality – they’re okay. Certainly not the best, but they’re better than the crappy earphones I’d been using for months and they’re a really cute design!

Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD


Did somebody say ‘Winter is Coming’?

I was a little (a lot) late to the Game of Thrones party; I only started watching it about six months ago. I’ve been watching it online with my friend and we’re currently up to S06E03 (so no spoilers, please!), but I thought I’d do it properly, buy the DVDs and re-watch from the start.

I couldn’t afford the whole box set, so I’m going to slowly build up my collection season by season!

New Look earrings sets


I’ve been interested in getting a second piercing on my ear lobes so I can wear two sets at a time, so I received all of these gorgeous and smaller sized earrings to mix and match!

Yeah, the bottom pair are missing; my mom really liked them so I gave them to her. Sharing is caring, and all that.

Clothes Show Live ticket

Not pictured because the tickets haven’t arrived yet, but three of my friends surprised me with a ticket and spending money for the Clothes Show this year!

I adore the Clothes Show; this will be my fifth time going and I’ve already started to save a few extra pennies to spend there. They always put on an amazing show and the amount of stalls there is crazy!


So that was my birthday presents haul! I was treated to a lot of really thoughtful gifts this year, so thank you to my family and friends for being so kind!

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