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Two Christmas Nail Art Ideas. // Blogmas Day 22 ❄

I love nail art, especially when it’s Christmas themed! I gain a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest or YouTube tutorials, sometimes combining several ideas to form my own.

Unfortunately this year, I’ve been working so much I haven’t really had time to do a proper, detailed, full-blown Christmas nail art. However, I do have many designs that I’ve done in previous years that I like a lot, so I thought I’d share them today!

Please excuse the low quality of the pictures since they’re from a couple of years ago.

1. Icy Blue Snowflakes


I’m not too sure how this idea came about; it may have been one that I combined after seeing various snowflake designs.

This one is a stand-out design for Christmas because of the icy blue colour – most festive nail arts tend to stick to reds and greens and whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

All you need for this is dotting tools and a brush or two; all affordable and you can buy them from websites such as Amazon or eBay.

2. Rudolf the Red Glitter Reindeer


This is a design by Jenny Claire Fox on YouTube – link here – but I used a different colour theme and altered it slightly. Super cute, and extremely festive if the red glitter is anything to go by!

Again, all you need is a thin brush and a few dotting tools for this one. Your Rudolf doesn’t have to be perfect (I know mine isn’t), in fact, it adds charm if he’s a bit messier! That’s what I tell myself about all my nail designs. 😉

~ X ~

Two Christmas nail arts that are relatively simple to do! It’s also fun to adapt different designs and put your own spin on things.

How do you paint your nails on Christmas Day? Do you go for glitter or an intricate nail art? Or do you like to keep it simple?




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