Christmas Games Ideas. // Blogmas Day 20 ❄

There are many great things about Christmas, and one of them is it’s ability to remind me that board games exist. I never even think about playing board games at any other time during the year but when it gets to Christmas, bam, that’s all I want to do.

I thought I’d share a list of some my favourites (a lot of classics) to give you some ideas on what to play this Christmas! (I won’t get so much into the rules of the games, I don’t want anyone to be board. Get it?)

1. Frustration

frustrationThis game is so… frustrating. (Sorry.)

I’ve been playing this with my family since I was a kid and we all love it, despite how much it makes us want to pull our hair out sometimes! Get all four of your men around the board and into the middle before someone else does. More exciting than my description makes it sound.

2. The Game of Life


This game takes a little bit longer to complete but it’s understandable, you’re building up your career and a family, of course 😉 Kind of similar to Monopoly; whatever space you land on determines your fate.

I always end up with a car overflowing with children. Suspicious.

3. Cards Against Humanity


Maybe wait until the kids are in bed before you play this one. A ‘game for horrible people’ as the box says, but it’s one of the funniest games I’ve played! The main rules are based around forming offensive sentences, and I think that’s as much as you need to know.

4. Monopoly


Would a board games list be complete without the Queen herself? We all know Monopoly; it’s entertaining, it’s loooong, and someone always ends up with a suspiciously large amount of money.

5. Charades


There’s a really fun Charades app that I like to use when playing this game; the app generates a word based on the category you choose, you hold the phone to your forehead so you can’t see it, and everyone around you tries to act out and/or describe what it is for you to guess. Can play this for ages!

Here’s a link to the game on iTunes if you’re interested!

~ X ~

What’s your favourite board game?




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