The Ultimate Bath Treats. // Blogmas Day 19 ❄

After a long and stressful day of elbowing other Christmas shoppers out the way as you rush to buy your last presents, or an evening of freezing your butt off at a German market, there’s sometimes nothing better than treating yo self to a bath.

So I’ve put together a few pics to give you some ideas of how to make your bath just a little bit more luxurious this winter!


If you can’t afford a trip to the spa, you may as well just make one at home, right?


Grab all of your favourite bath products! Bubble bath, bath bombs, all things body scrubs and washes and gels. I’d recommend the Radox bubble bath for stress relief; the eucalyptus scent is really nice and the product is super cheap.


Light a good candle (or  five) and make yourself a drink of your choice. My candle here is Vanilla Snowflake by Bath and Body Works – perfect winter scent.


Tea lights! I put some of these battery operated tea lights along the edge of the bath (I don’t trust myself to put real ones there) and it looks really pretty if you turn the light off. I also picked up these cute Christmas colour changing lights from Superdrug for only £1 each.


~ X ~

Just a short and sweet post today!

What are your favourite bath treats or products?




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