How To Feel Festive (If You’re Not Already). // Blogmas Day 18 ❄

Christmas is only a week away! If you’re still having trouble getting into the festive spirit, I compiled a list of things that are almost guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy ☃


  1. Going to a German market.
  2. Listening to the classic Christmas songs.
  3. Watching Christmas themed movies (my personal favourite is Love Actually!).
  4. Making yourself look festive; wearing an ugly Christmas jumper or doing a festive nail art design.
  5. Receiving or sending your first Christmas cards.
  6. Drinking some mulled wine or eating a mince pie (or any holiday treat of your choice!).
  7. Wrapping presents – particularly effective whilst watching or listening to something festive at the same time.
  8. Putting up your decorations – surround yourself with that Christmas spirit!


~ X ~

I bet you felt Christmassy just reading that list, didn’t you? 😉

What usually gets you into the holiday spirit?




2 thoughts on “How To Feel Festive (If You’re Not Already). // Blogmas Day 18 ❄

  1. Love this post! I feel allot more festive than I did last year for some reason but still not enough. Im going to paint my nails bright red with glitter, only time of the year I would get away with it! I would watch frozen too but my sister hates it. I heard Carol singers today and It felt so christmasy!

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