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A Cosy Night In. // Blogmas Day 13 ❄

Winter, a.k.a. the ultimate cosy nights season.

We all have our own ideas on what makes the perfect cosy night in, but there are some pretty universal things that most of us seem to enjoy. These are just a few things that make a perfect cosy night for me and I’m sure lots of people will agree with my choices!


1. Creating a relaxing environment; a clean and tidy room, candles, lamps, fairy lights.

2. Doing something that helps you unwind and relax, whether that be watching a good movie or TV show, reading, drawing, playing video games – anything you like!

3. Having copious amounts of hot drinks and sweet treats.

4. Being warm! Hot water bottles, blankets, cosy pyjamas; the more the better.

5. Having a warm bath or shower with lots of nice-smelling lotions and potions.


~ X ~

If I’ve had a stressful day, sometimes I find that the only remedy is to have a cosy night in!

What’s your idea of a good night in?



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