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What’s In My Bag? Winter Edition. // Blogmas Day 10 ❄

My bag is usually full of crap, but the crap tends to change with the seasons. Seasonal crap, if you will.

I pulled everything out of my bag, threw away the chewing gum wrappers and random debris that I have no memory of putting in there and decided it was about time to do a show ‘n tell of what I carry around with me during the winter!


The basics:

  1. Phone (when I’m not taking pictures with it)
  2. Purse
  3. Car keys
  4. Umbrella because in England you don’t need to be psychic to know it’s gonna rain


How cute are my keyrings, by the way? The lil Tinkerbell is a mini Pop! Vinyl and the handbag opens up so you can keep coins for parking in it.


The beauty bits and bobs:

  1. Cute, cosy hat for when my ears get chilly (and a pair of gloves, when I don’t accidentally leave them in my car)
  2. Mini deodorant/body spray/perfume
  3. Nail file because there’s nothing more annoying than breaking a nail on the way out and having to live with a claw for the rest of the day
  4. Mini hairbrush for my windswept mane
  5. Blotting paper because by mid-afternoon I’m shining brighter than a diamond
  6. Lip balm and lipstick of the day – the cold makes my lips super chapped


The portable pharmacy:

  1. Good quality hand cream; my hands get super dry when it’s cold out
  2. Tissues for when my nose inevitably runs
  3. Ibuprofen to fight off the first signs of a cold

~ X ~

I think I’m usually pretty good with what I put in my bag; I try not to overpack too much and only really carry around the essentials!

What do you keep in your bag? Have the contents changed much now that it’s officially winter?



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