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Clothes Show Live 2016! // Blogmas Day 5 ❄

Okay, whilst the Clothes Show isn’t technically a festive event, I still associate it with Christmas because to me it signals the start of December and the Christmas period.

Three of my friends bought me my ticket this year for my birthday and it was as amazing as it always is!

If you’ve never been to the Clothes Show, I can only describe it as an indoor Camden Market as well as an awesome catwalk show with live performers, dancers and models. There’s usually several D-List celebrities wandering around who you can get pictures with, the stalls are nice and cheap and it’s a great day out with your friends.


The show always ups it’s game and makes itself so much more than just a simple catwalk; it interlayers many themes, songs and dance performances around the models. I’m always really impressed with what they do each year! So much fun to watch 🙂


I didn’t go crazy with shopping; none of the clothes caught my eye that much this year (not compared to some years, anyway!) so I just stuck with makeup and nails. I spent £35 in total, so if you’ve never been to the Clothes Show and you’re worried about spending money, you really don’t have to take a lot if you don’t want to.

I’ll show you a quick haul of what I got, but I imagine in future blog posts I’ll explore them in a bit more detail!

Barry M Goody Bag


Many beauty stalls will have a goody bag, either £5 or £10. I get the Barry M bag every single year; £60 worth of stuff for only a tenner?! Hello!

This year, you get 6 nail polishes (two of them I already had so I gave to my mum which is why they’re not pictured), a nail art pen, a blusher and highlighter palette, two lipsticks, lipgloss, lip balm and a cute makeup bag. The items vary each year; I’ve received mascaras, eyeshadows and glitters before.

No swatches today but if you’d like me to do some then of course I can!

MoYou Nails – Nail Stamping Kit


Many brands at the Clothes Show will sell their items at discounted prices, so I got this nail stamping set from MoYou for ten pounds cheaper than it usually is.

The saleswoman was very nice; she showed me how to use the kit and went through the different designs to help me decide what I wanted. I’m not sure of the name of this kit but it includes three polishes, a stamper, a scraper, instruction booklet and four discs of designs. I chose the polishes and the discs myself, which was a nice touch.

I will definitely dedicate a blog post to this kit once I’ve had a play around with it!

~ X ~

Just a quick post today to share some of the highlights of my Clothes Show trip! It was brilliant as usual, even the part when my friend accidentally insulted Sophie from Love Island.

Have you ever been to the Clothes Show? If you have, are you a fan?



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