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A Guide to Secret Santa. // Blogmas Day 2 ❄

Secret Santa: A wonderful and sometimes endlessly frustrating concept.

Even though my friends and I aren’t uni students anymore, our bank accounts still seem to suggest otherwise. We decided to stick with Secret Santa for at least another year to save us all some of those much needed pennies.

Since I’ve been doing Secret Santa for a good few years, I thought I’d share with you a few tips and tricks on how to make your Secret Santa successful and fun!


1. Set a budget

Agree on a price range – not too cheap, not too expensive. A budget is essential because there’s nothing worse than spending good money on a really nice gift for someone only to receive a little box of malteasers in return. (I do enjoy a malteaser or two but you get what I mean!)

2. Keep your chosen person a secret

Don’t be the person who ruins the surprise! The first year that my uni housemates and I did Secret Santa nobody could resist telling and within a day and a half we all knew who everyone had, which kind of ruined the excitement a bit (but demonstrated our excellent deduction skills, of course).

3. Consider using an app/website to draw names

For years my friends and I have been using a website called, where everyone’s name gets written in and you’ll receive an alert regarding who your drawn name is. It’s much more secretive than pulling names out of a hat!

Also, this website allows you to write a wishlist for your Secret Santa to look at and draw inspiration from (completely anonymously, of course!) So if you’re short of gift ideas, just consult your drawn name’s wishlist and you should be good to go!

~ X ~

Just a quick post today, but I hope these few tricks will be helpful to you!

Do you usually participate in Secret Santa? What do you do to make it as painless as possible?



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