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Essie Nail Polish Haul + Swatches 2016


I’m gonna start by saying that Essie as a brand is a very recent discovery for me (personally, I’ve always been a cheap and cheerful Barry M kinda gal). But after stumbling upon a few entrancing Essie swatches on Pinterest, I decided to finally give ’em a try. There are so just many stand-out shades from this brand, ones that I knew would complement my pale skin and fit right into my colour palette.

I bought seven different colours to try. All of these polishes lasted around five days to a week with minimal chipping – I was impressed with pretty much every one of them!

Great colour selection, great super-shiny formula.

essie-heartThe colours I picked up were Pool Side Service, Udon Know Me, Chinchilly, Petal Pushers, In Stitches, Angora Cardi and Fashion Flares (plus the Grow Stronger base coat and the Good to Go top coat) from both Boots and Superdrug. A couple of these were on offer at the time, and one was free with purchase.

All nail polish swatches are pictured with two coats.

Colour descriptions taken from the Essie website (because man are some of these colours hard to describe).

Udon Know Me – A mysterious stony blue

Udon Know Me is the only colour from the Autumn 2016 collection that I picked up. It’s a light blue, there’s no doubt about that, but there’s just something else about this colour that makes it stand out from the crowd. There are definite hints of grey, making it all the more wearable for autumn.

Pool Side Service – A refreshing cerulean blue

Pool Side Service was Essie’s colour of the month for September this year. Whilst I don’t usually gravitate towards blues, I keep coming back to this one. Is also a one coat wonder.

Petal Pushers – A smoky stone rose

Petal Pushers is a perfect bridge between grey and purple; v cool toned and v unique.

(Also, I’m not sure if this was because of the colour itself, but this polish stayed on far longer than the others without even a single chip. Happy accident? Maybe.)

Chinchilly – A sleek granite grey

Chinchilly is currently Essie’s colour of the month for October. I adore this one; it goes with pretty much anything and makes me want to throw on an oversized sweater and frolic in crunchy, fallen leaves.

In Stitches – A cheeky blush pink

Oh my heavens. This colour. I want this colour as a lipstick, an outfit, a car, an entire house. I want to bathe in this colour.

In Stitches is an example of one of the first Essie polishes that caught my eye because of how just simply unique it is. Deep pinky/rosy/mauve colour that changes in every lighting.

Angora Cardi – A creamy, deep, dusty rose

Even as an Essie newbie, I’ve already seen so much about this polish. Named as the most popular Essie colour for every skin tone on Pinterest, Angora Cardi is a gorgeous deep mauve perfect for the autumn season. Looks great on hands wrapped around a large mug of hot chocolate.

Fashion Flares on a white base – Sultry maroon glitters

Fashion Flares was free with purchase. I’m not sure I’d have bought it if it wasn’t on offer, but nevertheless, it’s a pretty, bright pink that fulfils it’s glittery purpose well.

Other notable mentions:

Grow Stronger Base Coat

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have any strong opinions about this base coat. It’s pretty good, but my nails are still a little stained after wearing dark colours.

Good to Go Top Coat

I didn’t realise how much I liked this top coat until I tried going without it. I’m a late night nail painter, doing them in front of the TV before falling asleep. One night, I completely forgot to apply this top coat and when I woke up, my nails were dull, tacky and ruined.

I can’t give myself a manicure without it now. I’ve been asked many times what I use to give my nails such a beautiful shine – this is the answer! Really makes your polish pop.

essie-arrangedAll in all, a very successful haul.

On a related note…

What has been your experience with the Essie Gel Couture collection? I’m intrigued by them, but a little hesitant to try.

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